Welcome to Merlin Glass and Art's first ever blog! I am Lizzie designer and creator at Merlin Glass and Art and this blog will just be my musings about life as a free lance glass creator, mummy and craft enthusiast! I will also be sharing with you my favourite artists, of whom I seem to meet more every day and a little bit about their work.
I am very excited about what 2013 will mean for Merlin Glass and Art, 2012 was the beginning of a fabulous time for me with my wee business really taking off, which means I get to do what I love on a semi full time basis and still be a stay at home Mummy to my 2 darlings.
I began 2013, by introducing 'Puff' the Dragon a design I came up with a few months ago, but happily for the business I had been too busy with other things to create him, I was so pleased with him and will be sad to part with him, but he is currently available in my shop, through my FB page or in my Etsy shop.
The next few weeks and months will be taken up with fulfilling orders and also bringing new designs from my head, to paper and finally to glassy creations, beginning with Valentines, Mothers day and Easter and a few other offerings in between.... My first Valentines design of 2013 is a little pair of Love Birds, with hearts integrated into their chests.... soon there will be Love Cats coming too, watch this space......
6/1/2013 09:58:39 pm

Good luck with your blog. I struggle to get things right sometimes but I really enjoy rambling on the way you can't on Facebook. x

Nichola brown
29/7/2013 08:54:43 pm

Morning. Love your products. Saw my sister the other day ...... Her moo cow looks fab hanging up in her flat. Xx

26/7/2013 07:34:42 am

Love, love, love your dragonfly!!

29/7/2013 06:45:23 pm

I need your full name Vickie xxx

jo redding
29/7/2013 06:08:46 pm

congratulations on having all those fans - what a great giveaway

29/7/2013 06:13:21 pm

A truly wonderful piece, as all your creations are Lizzi.

Angela Bell
29/7/2013 06:16:46 pm

Oh a love your dragonfly

Holly Stewart
29/7/2013 06:26:14 pm

Hi Lizzie
Great blog i used to love puff the magic dragon as a child:-)
Your dragonflies are scrummy my favourite creature and my favourite colours x x x

Sue Blench
29/7/2013 06:31:53 pm

Lizzie as you know I love all your work, and the dragon flies are not exception xxx

Jane Rose
29/7/2013 06:34:25 pm

Love your work, just need the sun for that gorgeous dragonfly prize!

29/7/2013 06:38:29 pm

Such a gorgeous piece, and especially lovely in that colour combination, you are very talented!!

29/7/2013 06:44:44 pm

I need your full name Gill xxx

Gill Cunliffe
29/7/2013 06:47:42 pm

Sorry lol xx

29/7/2013 08:54:38 pm

Thank you! :-) xxx

geraldine smith
29/7/2013 06:50:20 pm

Absolutely love your dragonfly. Really beautiful.

Karen fisher
29/7/2013 06:54:57 pm

Love your work... lovely designs x

Nazlie Matthews
29/7/2013 06:59:57 pm

Love it all. X

Tamlyn Ryan
29/7/2013 07:07:12 pm

Love your Dragonfly and love your work - beautiful! xx

Emma madge
29/7/2013 07:10:35 pm

Love the glassware naz keeps reposting and my son loves dragonflies

Vicki Chambers
29/7/2013 07:17:36 pm

I love your creativity. Such a variety in an art that is not so easily done. I draw mainly animals as my subjects and know that this kind of art has to come from the heart. Thanks for sharing what you do.

Angela Kinnunen
29/7/2013 07:19:32 pm

The dragonflies are by far the nicest thing I have seen on FB! My daughter loves dragonflies so her bedroom is based on them (and princesses of course!) you make very beautiful things xx

Karen Evans
29/7/2013 07:22:30 pm

I absolutely love the dragonflys. Thank you so much for running this competition xx

Laura Deane
29/7/2013 07:23:10 pm

Would love this! Beautiful. I love the colours! X

Jenny Bee
29/7/2013 07:24:13 pm

Gorgeous work from a fellow mummy crafter :) xx

Rachael Wise
29/7/2013 07:27:14 pm

I lovelovelove your work! I especially adore the Dragonflies in this photo! ...I love that it looks almost as if they're sat on a 'W' of glass stones... I could pretend it's 'W' for 'Wise family!' haha ;) <3 x x x

Heather Wilcock
29/7/2013 07:34:31 pm

I have been following your work for a while now, every single piece is absolutely fantastic, I love them all!! I have already ordered some for Christmas gifts but will definitely be popping along to your market night to possibly treat myself, wooo hooooo lol :)
From a fellow FB crafter, Heather @ Spotty Craft Creations

29/7/2013 07:36:22 pm

Beautiful work. Would like very much to have this piece in the window of our home. Dragonflies and rainbows. Love that you are making it work as a mum and artist. Fantastic.

29/7/2013 08:56:33 pm

Hi Emily, thanks so much for all of your lovely comments :-) Could I have your surname please? xxx

Emma Victoria Palfreman-Brown
29/7/2013 07:49:09 pm

Just stunning, the glas comes to life in the garden photos ;) Love dragonflies!

29/7/2013 08:08:20 pm

Stunning piece of artwork. Gorgeous colours & the dragonfly is beautiful. Very talented. I would love to be included in the draw for the chance to win xx

Christine Evans
29/7/2013 08:49:14 pm

Wow!!! Only just discovered your page! Dragonflies are my favourite!!
Would love to win this... And if not how do I get one!!!??

Christine Evans
29/7/2013 08:58:15 pm

Hi Christine! Never fear, if you aren't the lucky winner you can order from me either through my FB message tab on my page or email me at merlinglassart@gmail.com. They are made to order and your colour choice. £30.00 plus shipping xxx

Louise Wortley
29/7/2013 09:15:31 pm

I love watching your beautiful cretions popping up on my news feed on facebook.

Theresa Witkowicz
29/7/2013 09:28:07 pm

Absolutely love the composition of your work at Merlin Glass and Art. My family and I always say the dragonfly is a message from our Tommy in Heaven.

Paula Ballard
29/7/2013 09:34:55 pm

I have admired your work since the first day I was directed to your FB page by a family member. You inspire me to work harder on my craft.

lucie wickd
29/7/2013 09:38:32 pm

Beautiful work. Stunning and soooo creative

Angie Lockwood
29/7/2013 09:54:57 pm

I've just found your facebook page, what beautiful work you produce :)

Julie Cozze
29/7/2013 10:34:53 pm

Beautiful as always LIZZIE . I love these colours x

Eden Lewis
29/7/2013 10:35:33 pm

This is lovely and i would love to win it for my Mum x

Diane Bales
30/7/2013 12:35:58 am

Love your stuff!!! Enter me please

Susan Collins
30/7/2013 12:38:01 am

Love your work Lizzie, you are very talented. X

Lea Pickett
30/7/2013 12:52:34 am

Love this...matches my decor perfectly. I would LOVE to win it.

Caroline Ullrich
30/7/2013 12:57:30 am

Caroline Ullrich...I collect dragonflies and I love this...have added your page and went to your site and faved...are you in Etsy, too.

Deborah Searle
30/7/2013 02:30:57 am

Beautiful! So hope I win!

Amanda Pedigrew
30/7/2013 02:45:27 am

love it :o) x

Melanie Adkins
30/7/2013 03:59:30 am

Lovely lovely work :)

Katherine Gooding
30/7/2013 04:06:54 am

Lizzie, I love all your work - you are fantastic xxxxx

Debbi Wood
30/7/2013 04:13:21 am

Love your work, my son was so excited when the seaside light pull arrived in the post and it looks fab in our bathroom. Would really love to win the dragonfly too xxx

Pamela Blain
30/7/2013 05:00:08 am

Love your work, my friend loved the pigs you made. Wish I had your talent. Looking forward to seeing the rest of my order xx

Dawn Stevens
30/7/2013 06:01:26 am

Hi i would love to win one of these, enter many of your free giveaway's on face book, but not lucky enough so far!
Love you work and am creating a shopping list slowly for order!!
Fingers crossed xxxx Dawn xx

30/7/2013 06:03:50 am

oooooh..this would be like winning the lottery...got ma legs crossed..would look lovely with my Lizzie daisy

Amy Tuveson- Smith
30/7/2013 11:08:04 am

Love your work ! This is lovely :)

Debi Gillard
30/7/2013 03:56:04 pm

Your hearts are beautiful but you beat the Dragonflies! Would love to win one to hang in my kitchen. i used to have a lovely sun catcher but somebody managed to break it and I never got round to replacing it.

Debi Gillard
5 The Close

Debi Gillard
30/7/2013 04:00:14 pm

Oh it must be too early in the morning! read the instructions twice and still thought it said full address! could you please edit or remove my post pls! Thank You

Debi Gillard
3/2/2014 01:54:12 pm

Would really appreciate it if you could remove my name and address from public view as requested before. Thank You!!!!!!

Jeanette Hibbert
31/7/2013 01:30:52 am

I love the dragonfly piece and would love to win it :)

helen roberts
31/7/2013 01:40:37 am

what a beautiful piece of art only just found your page its going to cost my partner a fortune so to win one would be an absolute priveledge

sofia creasey
31/7/2013 02:35:20 am

This is stunning x

31/7/2013 04:50:08 am

I adore your stuff, will continue to like and share and keep my fingers crossed x

Bev Cropper
31/7/2013 06:11:09 am

This is gorgeous :)

lucy hancock
31/7/2013 06:23:26 am

congratulations on your facebook sale, wow what a sell out. i'd love a drognfly for my bestie.

31/7/2013 06:42:55 pm

Love, love, love this dragonfly light catcher.

31/7/2013 06:46:14 pm

Love your designs

Margaret West
31/7/2013 07:08:07 pm

Dragonflies have a special place in my heart.

Niccii Hines
31/7/2013 07:11:30 pm

This is beautiful!

El-Marie van Rooyen
31/7/2013 09:15:50 pm

I love your work and the dragonflies are fairytale beauties! Have one tiny one on a blue halfmoon tattooed on my foot:) Keep up the good work

Michelle Allen
31/7/2013 10:29:31 pm

This piece is absolutely stunning - you are an amazing artist!

Ruth Jamieson
31/7/2013 11:10:01 pm

Your dragonflies are so wonderful & whoever wins them is very lucky indeed! Friends /& family often say I am hard to buy for at Christmas & birthdays. This year I've already dropped lots of hints & pointed them in you direction ;)

Ruth Paterson
1/8/2013 05:02:12 am

Your work is beautiful, I love it :-) I have just bought a wee nicklace with dragonflies on as a gift for my friend. I think she'd love this as an extra gift too - mind you I may struggle not to keep it if I win it's lovely :-)

Sharon Tyson
1/8/2013 06:01:20 pm

Love your work .... just beautiful x
I'd would love to WIN my daughter loves dragonflies ,,,, so fingers crossed

Yzelle Larbey
1/8/2013 09:19:27 pm

Your work is beautiful.

Judith Scard
1/8/2013 09:50:44 pm

I just love all of your work. It is so beautiful and dragonflies are my favourite x

Angela Walton
1/8/2013 09:55:04 pm

I love your dragonflies. I had one of your lighthouses given to me as a birthday present earlier this year and love it. Your work is amazing.x

Jane Denham
1/8/2013 10:11:21 pm

Love love love your amazing designs!! Hope I'm lucky enough to win!

Emma Brown
1/8/2013 10:35:58 pm

Love your art of glass design, I've been interested in arts and crafts for years, however have only seen a small amount involving glass! It really is a pleasure to see your next designs appear on Facebook

2/8/2013 02:44:27 am

I am so hoping I win. The dragonflies are one of the most beautiful pieces you have made. I love the mermaids too

2/8/2013 05:13:53 am

I love your delicate stained glass art and especially the dragonfly pieces have an ethereal touch to them. Fingers crossed and with some luck, I would so love to have this lovely piece hanging in my window!

Rebecca Reid
2/8/2013 05:17:32 am

Your work is beautiful. I have my fingers very tightly crossed!

2/8/2013 10:03:03 am

I collect and have a Etsy page Drunken Dragonfly...love them...this is gorgous...

Marianne Dempsey
2/8/2013 09:42:28 pm

Simply beautiful:)

carol forbes
2/8/2013 11:26:03 pm

absolutely gorgeous. thanks for the chance :)

Louise Wilson
3/8/2013 01:52:26 am

its beautiful would love to win one of your designs x

Morag Mason
3/8/2013 03:19:06 am

So delicate and ethereal. would love to win it.

Sara Simpson
3/8/2013 08:03:02 pm

Beautiful, would look lovely in my kitchen!

Sally Lawley
3/8/2013 08:12:14 pm

Hi Lizzie. I love looking at your beautiful creations and hope to purchase one in the future. You have an amazing gift that makes people happy. xx

3/8/2013 08:27:48 pm

I'd so love to win this stunning piece. The design and colours are wonderful :-) Kioking forward to seeing more of what you create

3/8/2013 08:28:42 pm

Of course I meant *looking

Rachel Bailey
3/8/2013 08:35:12 pm

Is it possible to hold my breath from now until the giveaway ends?! Probably not but I might try! Fingers crossed I'm lucky, love seeing your work and this is a personal favourite! X

3/8/2013 08:47:37 pm

Your dragonfly is awesome. Our school emblem is a dragonfly and this would really look super in my office. Keep up the gorgeous work. xx

Catherine Booker
3/8/2013 09:08:12 pm

Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful colours! xx

Lisa Calvert
3/8/2013 10:28:22 pm

Beautiful! x

Tonya Arsenault
3/8/2013 11:42:23 pm

Love the dragonfly sun catcher would live to win it

Kala cole
5/8/2013 03:01:18 am

Dragon flys scar me so much but this is just beautiful! And so well made. X

Susan Fowler
5/8/2013 03:11:14 am

i would love to win thi, it is so pretty.

Kathryn Heath
5/8/2013 05:27:34 am

Beautiful piece, I'd love to be the proud owner :)

Lynne Morrison
5/8/2013 06:43:52 am

This is stunning as all your pieces are, would love to own this!

Kelly Needham
5/8/2013 07:44:04 pm

This is absolutely stunning, as are most of your pieces, I'll definitely be popping back for Christmas pressies! Fingers crossed for the draw :-) xx

Sarah Dewey
5/8/2013 08:40:17 pm

Gorgeous glass work I love seeing all your designs! Good luck hope your business grows and grows but that you love it always! xx

5/8/2013 10:43:45 pm

I just discovered your site and blog today! Via Tower Hill Stables.
Your work is magical , it put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

Heather Passmore
5/8/2013 11:03:16 pm

Hi, only just found you, this would look amazing in the trees at our wedding venue, loving the colours all my favourites :)

Dawn Frost
5/8/2013 11:06:53 pm

Hi lizzie. Great new blog :) and I would love to be in with a chance of winning your beautiful Dragonfly.
Dawn x

Kate Carvey
5/8/2013 11:09:01 pm

Well you have to be in it to win it lol, keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Matilda Fox
5/8/2013 11:16:46 pm

I love your work! This would look so beautiful in my garden, I would be honoured if I won it. You're so very talented x

Sonia Merrin
5/8/2013 11:23:02 pm

Lovely work that you do, nice to see you have so many dedicated followers. Can't wait to see if I'll be in with a chance of winning this gorgeous prize, thank you! :) xxx

warren wright
5/8/2013 11:27:01 pm

Wow, love it really beautiful piece <3

Michele McLean
6/8/2013 12:04:48 am

I really love your dragonfly, it's beautiful :)

Michele McLean
6/8/2013 12:05:12 am

I really love your dragonfly, it's beautiful :)

Patricia Reid
6/8/2013 12:44:32 am

The dragonfly art is stunning. Really adorable.
I need it. Xx

Alex Tunnicliffe
6/8/2013 02:57:51 am

stunning work, absolutely beautiful

Louise Wilson
6/8/2013 04:59:23 am

I would love this as my hall has these colours good luck everyone


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